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The case of the curious name for a marketing agency

It was around the time of planning our departure from a prior business. My esteemed colleague had returned from his annual sojourn to warmer climes, equilibrium restored in both mind and body, ready to face the challenges to come. At first I did not notice anything different. Holidays have the effect of invigorating a man or miring him deep in melancholy upon returning to the quotidian grind of earning a living. My colleague was clearly benefiting from the former effect. Over the days that followed, however, I began to notice a change. It was quite normal for the gentleman I speak so highly of to spend many a moment lost in reverie, the smoke from his Calabash shrouding him in possibilities or alternative solutions vying for dominance in his sharp mind. But the pipe was now gone, replaced by an evangelical zeal for the life of the small holder.

“All these years I have been a fool, old boy,” confessed my colleague, out of the blue. “All these years I have considered myself content with my lot. Perhaps not as self-sufficient as my younger self desired I would be during my middling years, but certainly master of where I was headed. Now I have come to realise that I was wrong. No! I have had my eyes opened in a Damascene fashion to the extraordinary pleasures of a simpler life.”

I was quite taken aback to hear my colleague talk this way, and feared what words were to come next. Were brogues and sharply creased tailoring about to be swapped for kaftans and sandals? The Volvo to be swapped for a ‘love bus’ or some other modern day charabanc destined to be both transport and home? Clearly my expression betrayed my fears, for no sooner had I thought these thoughts than my colleague was putting my mind to rest.

“I have a new goal in my life. A goal which, I believe, meets all the criteria to be described as SMART.” allayed the good gentleman. “You see, dear soul, when I have enough land and means to have pigs and bees in my garden – not a small holding nor a farm, merely space enough to keep said creatures in comfort – I will be content with my lot.”

Those words had quite an effect on me over the coming days and weeks. Plans progressed for our new venture but we could not agree on a suitable epithet that captured our philosophy nor marked us apart from all similar ventures. I attributed my mental block to my colleague’s new found goal in life. Indeed I assuredly blamed those confounded words he’d spoken! And then I, too, had a Damascene revelation. Name our venture after the motivation that lay behind it: the pursuit of pigs and bees. And that, dear readers, is where the name came from.

The pigs & bees logo. Pig like pork rind. Sweet like honey.